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Tips on Picking Your Wedding Colors


When it comes to your wedding, colors are the ultimate basis for your decor. Without picking colors, you’re basically at a standstill when it comes to planning all the other accents and details around your wedding decor. So it’s safe to say, you’ll want to think about the color combination you pick! If you’re fretting your color choices, there’s no need. Here are a few tips on picking your wedding colors, so you can be confident and at ease while planning your big day.



Keep Your Priorities in Mind

If you’ve always dreamt of adorning your venue in red roses, then it’s safe to say you’ll be wanting to include red in your wedding colors. Before thinking about just the colors for your wedding, think about any certain florals and accents you’d like to enjoy. For example, if you want pink tulips strewn across your wedding tent, consider the same hue for your wedding colors. This will make it easier for you to focus on certain colors, because you’ve already envisioned them in your wedding anyway!


Think Seasonal

The season a wedding takes place in can definitely inspire the wedding colors as well. For example, winter calls for dazzling colors like silver and wine red, while spring makes us think of soft pastels like lilac and tulip pink. Even if you pick one color that’s influenced by the season, you can definitely work with it to pick another color or two that pairs beautifully.


Accessibility is Key

One tip is to go for one bold color that looks great on everyone, is easy to find, and can be used to accent your cake, chairs, decor, etc. Make sure to pick a color that won’t be hard to track down or may require special orders and so on.


Look at What You Love

If you’re having a hard time choosing wedding colors, look at what you love. Check your closet and home decor. There will always be a few colors you gravitate toward because they make you happy, look good on you, etc. This can be the perfect step to see colors you may not even have realized you truly enjoy!


Skip Picking Colors

Go for a theme instead! Picking a theme, whether it’s rustic, boho chic, neutrals, etc., will place you in the path of having key colors to turn to without have to think long and hard about it. A theme will allow you to pull multiple colors that look tastefully great together.


Picking colors for a wedding may seem like a nerve-wracking decision, but it’s actually quite fun! Once you have your colors or theme picked, you can focus on everything else to tie your wedding together into a beautiful memory you’ll forever look back on. If you’re looking for tent rentals in Beverly Hills for your wedding, Town & Country Event Rentals is the spot to pick! Watch the inspiration bloom after picking your wedding colors, and enjoy every moment of the planning process for your big day!


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