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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Plumbing

Plumbing systems are one of the most powerful systems of any building. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, you need to maintain your plumbing system. Ignoring even the most minor plumbing issue can lead to significant and costly damage and repairs.


The plumbing industry is divided into two main categories: residential and commercial. While many people believe that any professional plumber can handle both types of plumbing problems, commercial plumbers have additional experience with these unique systems. Let’s discuss commercial plumbing further to understand the difference.


What Are the Different Types of Plumbing?


The first thing you should understand when hiring a plumber is the type of plumbing you have. There are two types of plumbing in the industry:


Residential Plumbing


This type of plumbing includes fixing or maintaining plumbing systems at townhouses, single-family homes, condominiums, or smaller apartments. A residential plumber can fulfill any home plumbing needs you have.


Commercial Plumbing


Commercial plumbing is more complicated than residential plumbing. This type of plumbing is carried out in commercial properties such as multi-purpose buildings, high-rise offices, strip malls, hospitals, educational facilities, and warehouses.


The layout of commercial properties is much more complex than residential properties. Commercial plumbing problems tend to be more significant and complicated. Commercial plumbers deal with sophisticated plumbing systems, bigger pipes, and more substantial emergency plumbing issues.


If you own a commercial property, there are several things you need to know about commercial plumbing.


Why Should I Hire a Commercial Plumber?


There are several reasons to hire a commercial plumber to handle your issues.


The Risk Level


Commercial plumbing issues are usually complex. They impose a higher risk level when it comes to damage, expenses, and repairs. For example, a cracked pipe that leaks down over ten commercial building floors is more problematic than one in a single-floor family home. Commercial leaks don’t just pose a threat to your property, but they can also be a health hazard. Commercial plumbers are trained to handle these situations and manage the repairs in the safest possible way to reduce health risks and further property damage.


The Complexity of Building Structure:


Commercial plumbing problems are not just complicated because of the systems. Still, they are also complex because of the size of the properties in which they occur. Along with the complexity of these problems comes the complexity of the building structures. Commercial buildings are often larger and more complicated in their layout. This can make it difficult for a plumber to find and fix your plumbing problem. Luckily, commercial plumbers are trained to handle repairs even in the most complicated building structures.


Size of the Problem


When it comes to commercial plumbing jobs, most issues are more significant than residential plumbing ones. Since commercial plumbers have to work with more significant problems, hiring a plumber with experience with these substantial issues is essential. For example, offices or restaurants may have a plumbing issue that a commercial plumber can only solve.


Type of Issue


It is also vital for you to know what issues you can face at a commercial property. For example, a running toilet in a residential home is typically easier to handle than a running toilet in a commercial property. Other plumbing issues at commercial properties include faucet leaks, water pressure problems, clogged drains, and sewer issues.  These problems are more intense and destructive at commercial properties.


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