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What’s the Most Energy Efficient Temperature Setting for My Water Heater?

As soon as the pre-fall or winter season rolls in, every homeowner starts worrying about their water heating settings. It’s no surprise, who doesn’t want to enjoy a nice warm shower on a chilly morning? If you’re one of those people who are tempted to use hotter than usual water in the winter months, then it’s essential to adjust the water heater setting to ensure that the water is at the right setting.


Keep in mind that if you aren’t too careful and your water heater temperature is too high, you will pay high amounts of bills every month. You also risk burning yourself. So, what’s the best setting for your water heater? Let’s discuss!


What Temperature Do Water Heater Manufacturers or Water Experts Recommend?


If you have a new water heater, you will notice that the temperature will likely be set at 140 degrees. While 140 degrees is a default setting chosen by most manufacturers, other water experts consider this temperature to be too high and have recommended users bring it down to 120 degrees. At the same time, experts in the energy industry have also informed water heater users that the ideal temperature is 120 degrees instead of 140 degrees.


What Benefits Does a 120 Degree Temperature Setting Offer?


There are several benefits to keeping your temperature set at 120 degrees. This includes:


1.   It Saves You Money


If you lower your temperature settings, you will reduce your energy bills and save a considerable amount of money on your energy usage.


2.   It Is Environment Friendly


Reducing your temperature settings will allow you to cut down your energy consumption and use less electricity or gas for water heating purposes. This is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.


3.   It Prevents Mineral Buildup


When you set your temperature at 120 degrees, you will be able to slow down the buildup of minerals in your tank and pipes. This way, your pipes will stay in top shape and bring you uninterrupted water flow.


4.   It Saves You from Getting Burned


Due to safety risks and concerns, using a water heater set at 120 degrees is better. This is because the water coming out at 140 degrees can cause severe burns.


What Setting is Right for Me?


It can be challenging to determine what water heater settings are best for you and your family. You should undoubtedly stick to 120 degrees if you have young children or older adults living in your home since they are more likely to be exposed to burns. You should consider 140 degrees for your home if you want optimum cleaning for your dishwasher and eliminate bacteria from the water.


How Do I Adjust Your Water Heater Settings?


Before adjusting your water heater settings, don’t forget to read the heater manual for step-by-step instructions. Typically, the temperature panel is located at the bottom of the heater, so you can easily make the changes from here. If you’re unable to understand or have further questions about the water heater temperature settings, then you can ask a professional plumber for assistance.


Contact a Professional for All Your Plumbing Needs


If you need help with your water heater temperature settings, contact a reliable local Hesperia plumber for help!

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