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Signs Your Battery Is Dying

The battery of a car sends the electric current to start any vehicle. If your battery dies, your vehicle is pretty much stuck and unusable. Many vehicle owners are often paranoid about their car battery dying out of the blue, but it is important to know that there are often a few signals which can indicate your battery is dying.

Keep an eye out for signs such as:

Slow Engine Crank

One of the surest ways to tell that your battery is very close to dying is by an engine that is slow to crank. This is due to the reason that the engine pulls amperage from the battery each time it starts, so a battery that is slowly dying means an engine that is slow to start up.

Battery Age

Even your car battery has a lifespan. Typically, most car batteries can last up to 5 years. Once your battery hits the 4 year mark, you may want to take your vehicle to an auto shop to see how long your battery has left. Being mindful of battery age can help you be prepared in the case of your battery dying while you are on the road.

Electrical Issues

If you notice your headlights are dim, or the lights, radio, dashboard computer, and other electric components of your car are not working, this can be a telling sign that your battery is about to die.

Pressing On Gas Pedal Is The Only Way To Start Your Car

There is no need to press on the gas pedal to start up your car. However, if you find yourself doing this every time you turn the key into the ignition because it is the only way to start up your car, there is a high chance your battery is struggling and will die soon.

Clicking When Turning The Key

If you hear your vehicle’s ignition clicking when you turn the key, this can be an indicator of a problem with your battery. This clicking occurs because the battery cannot provide enough charge for the starter to crank the engine. Hearing any unusual sounds from your vehicle can be pretty worrisome, so once you hear this ignition clicking, you will not want to delay taking your car to the auto shop!

Get Your Battery Checked Out At A Professional Auto Shop

None of us want to become stranded in the middle of the road due to a dying battery. Fortunately, indicators like the ones mentioned above can let you know that your battery is dying out before you find yourself caught unaware. By keeping an eye (and ear) out for these signs, you will be more prepared to take your car to a professional auto shop to get your battery replaced.

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