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Is There a Slab Leak In My Home?

lab leaks are a lesser known form of leak that can bring about serious consequences for your home. A slab leak is a water leak in the pipes underneath the foundation or concrete slab your home rests on. Because slab leaks are underneath your home, it is not as easy to spot one. The damages for slab leaks can be devastating, including flooding in your home, damage to the paint of your home, and even destruction to your flooring.

What Can Cause a Slab Leak?

A slab leak can develop from a variety of factors, like:


  • Age of the pipes
  • Abrasion or corrosion of pipes
  • Expansive soil shifts
  • Poor water quality which can lead to pipe corrosion
  • Pipe installation i.e. pipes are damaged while being installed


A slab leak should not be ignored. It can go long without being noticed, so the moment you do, it’s always recommended you reach out to a plumbing professional to get fast and efficient solutions as soon as possible!

Signs of a Slab Leak

How can you tell there’s a slab leak in your home before any damage is done? Luckily, there are a few signs that a slab leak has developed in your home, such as:


  • High Water Bills- If you notice an increase in your water bills that can’t be explained, it’s likely there is an issue going on with your pipes and leaks may be the culprit. Slab leaks raise your water bill fast.


  • Wet Carpet or Flooring- Have you noticed patches of damp carpet or flooring in your home? These patches are the consequence of a leak. If you notice wet or warm areas of carpet or flooring in your home, it’s crucial you get the help of a professional plumbing company.


  • Unusually Low Water Pressure- When you’re suffering from any kind of leak, the water pressure in your home will be affected. You may notice low water pressure when using your sink, toilet, shower, and so on. This is due to the water escaping through the slab leak, which would be for your household functions.


  • Bad Smells or Discoloration From Floors and Walls- This indicator is due from the water coming through the leak. If you notice discoloration in walls, or peeling of wallpaper, this can be a telling sign of a slab leak going on underneath your home. You may also notice the smell of mold, mildew, or overall mustiness.


Think You Have a Slab Leak Under Your Home?

If all the signs point to a slab leak underneath your home, act fast. When you get professional intervention to make sure a slab leak is controlled and fixed, you are saving your home from unnecessary and costly damages. Need a reliable plumber in La Canada Flintridge or a plumber in Los Angeles?  Call the team at Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning! Keep your home safe from the troubles of a hidden slab leak by calling a team of trustworthy experts to get on the job.

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