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How to Tell When a Washing Machine Needs Repair

Your washing machine is an underrated hero at your house. The convenience and efficiency in washing machines makes them an indispensable appliance in your home. When a washing machine needs repair, this can put a damper on your routine. Especially if you are in constant need to do laundry due to school or work uniforms, a big household, and so on. However, a washing machine will always give a few signs when a repair is needed. If your washing machine starts acting strange, you may assume it’s time is up. This is not always the case! Sometimes it just needs a good repair or two to get back to normal. Here are a few signs your washing machine needs a repair service:


  • Machine isn’t starting- If you’re doing your usual setup routine when it comes to loading a new pile of dirty laundry into your washing machine and it’s not starting, this a sign you’ll need to get a repairman to your house. You don’t want to delay repairs if your washing machine isn’t starting, so you can get back to getting clean laundry as soon as possible.
  • Strange sounds- A washing machine has a usual pattern of sounds that are expected as it does its usual washing job. However, if your washing machine emits squeaks, thumps, and grinds, it’s safe to say you’ll need to call in a repair service soon.
  • Starting and stopping- So you get your washing machine to start up like normal, but when you check in on your laundry you notice the washing machine has stopped mid spin. A washing machine that is starting and stopping at random intervals should be checked out by a repair person quickly to get to the root of the problem.
  • Washing machine is leaking- It’s safe to say that when any appliance in your possession leaks, there’s nothing good going on. If you find leaks and spills around your washing machine, you’ll want to get this checked out soon. You don’t want to waste water or cause water damage to your floor.
  • Drum is getting too much water- The washing machine drum (aka the inside of the washing machine that holds the clothes and water) should be completely empty when you open up your washing machine to take out your washed laundry. If there is water left over in the drum because it hasn’t fully emptied, you may need to get a repair person on the phone stat!


You rely on your washing machine to turn loads of dirty clothes into piles of clean ready-to-wear items. If you have a fairly recent or new washing machine and you start to notice that it is acting strangely, it will usually need a repair job. If you are in need of washing machine or other appliance repair in Temecula, Kwik Appliance Repair has got you covered! By addressing repairs for your washing machine, you are making sure to elongate its lifespan to keep you satisfied for many more years to come!


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