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Do I Have A Hidden Leak In My Home?

Leaks can mean big trouble in any home. Homeowners are often told to keep an eye out for visible leaks, but what about those sneak hidden leaks? Luckily, even hidden leaks can give off a few signs that there’s trouble in your plumbing. Here is how you can tell whether you have a hidden leak in your home!


Do You Have A High Water Bill?

If your water bill has been arriving unusually high and you can’t pinpoint what could possibly be the reason, a hidden leak may be to blame! Hidden water leaks can cause your household to waste a lot of water, so you will notice the next time you get your water bill.

Are There Wet Spots Around Your Home?

One of the biggest indicators of a hidden leak in your home may be wet spots around the home. How can you notice these wet spots? They will usually appear as moist or wet areas in your carpeting. If your home has a basement, you may notice puddles on the floor, which could also point to a slab leak. Also, if you notice there are some particularly lush and green patches of your grass that stick out among your yard, this can also indicate a leak.

Is There A Musty Smell In Your Home?

Because hidden leaks may often develop behind walls or under carpeting, the moisture and darkness can be the perfect area for mold and mildew to develop. If you begin to notice the smell of mildew or standing water in your home, the culprit is most likely a hidden leak.

Are Your Walls Stained?

If you notice staining on your walls or bubbling and warped wallpaper, this may be a very telling sign that there is a hidden leak running wild somewhere in your home. When drywall comes in contact with water or moisture, it can start to bubble and crumble, so a change in your walls is a major indicator of a hidden leak you may not have noticed before.

Is Your Home Suffering From Reduced Water Pressure?

Leaks can cause less water to run through your plumbing, leading to a major drop in your water pressure. If you start to notice that your home’s water pressure is reduced and no other fixtures are being used at that same moment, the reason will usually be a hidden leak that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Need Assistance For Hidden Leaks?

Hidden leaks can turn a home upside down. If you suspect there is a hidden leak and notice any of the signs above, you will want to get a plumbing professional on the job as soon as possible to avoid further damages or expensive repairs. For a Victorville plumber you can depend on, contact the helpful team at John’s Plumbing & Rooter Service. Learn more about our services and team here. Don’t delay, get hidden leaks checked out by a plumbing professional today!

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