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All About Patio Doors

It a part of the house that often gets over looked. You use them every day, but never give it any thought. I’m talking about doors. You probably only give your door a thought if it isn’t operating correctly. Having a properly installed door is essential to the function of a home. Whether it’s an interior door, or a patio door here are some sign your door was not installed correctly.

Door installation is an art form. There is more than just buying a door and attaching hinges. It takes careful measuring, and attention to detail. Here are things to look out for. One sign of an improperly installed door is it will leave marks on the floor. While a tight fit can be desirable, the door should not leave scrap marks on the floor. This means the door is too low and needs to be adjusted higher. Alternatively, there should not be an overly large gap at the bottom of the door. A large gap will result in drafts, or let unwanted lights and sounds through. A properly sized door should just clear the top of your flooring.

Another sign to watch out for is crooked panels. Sometimes you can tell the panels are crooked just by looking at them. Sometimes it is more noticeable when the door does not fir the frame properly, leaving gaps on one side, and tightness on the other.

If your doors are noisy this is also a sign of improper installation. Poorly aligned frames cause friction in the hinges, resulting in squeaky doors. Poor aligned frames can also result in difficulty during operation. The door panel will either hit on the frame or wall instead of gliding smoothly closed. To latch the door closed should only take a small push. If you have to ram the door for it to close it was not properly installed.

Sometimes after replacing exterior doors you may notice a change in your heating or electric bill. Hopefully the cost of these bills has gone down, but if your doors were not properly installed, the price may have gone up. If you notice an increase in your bill, and just had your doors replaced, you may need to call a professional to fix them.

Are you able to lock your door, but the door still opens? This could be due to the lock being misaligned, or the door not being seated properly in the frame. These are both serious issues that could affect the safety of your house.

Sometimes doors just require maintenance. They may have been installed correctly, but you notice extra noise coming through, the door has become harder to close after time. Damage overtime can be caused by moisture or insects. Moisture can result in doors swelling or rusting, which prevents them from operating as they should.

Use a company that has a well-established history.  Looking for new patio doors in Riverside, CA? Using a professional to install your patio doors and ensure they operate as they should. Improperly installed patio door may result in your home being less secure and comfortable.

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