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6 Packing Tips for Moving

Moving into a new place sure sounds exciting. A new house, updated space, and a new neighborhood are certainly some things to look forward to, but packing isn’t fun! Packing and moving all your stuff to a new place can be stressful. You need to figure out what you will take with you and what you will sell or donate. You also need to make sure to pack everything effectively, so nothing breaks in the transition.


How can you take the stress out of moving with so much work to do and the tendency to procrastinate? While the to-do list goes on, we’ve got six practical packing tips that can help you in your next move.


Packing Tips for Moving


1.   Pack Your Least Used Items First


You should start the packing process as soon as possible to take the stress out. Do a little bit at a time. Start with the items you use the least. You can pack up sections of the house and even entire rooms if you don’t plan to use them before your move. Holiday decorations, fine china, winter clothes, and other occasion-specific items can easily be packed well in advance. The more you space out your packing, the easier it is to finish the process.


2.   Make a Plan with a List that Covers Each Room


At least eight weeks before your move date, you should have a properly developed packing plan. Create a detailed checklist for packing your items. This will also allow you to plan what you need in terms of packing materials. Make sure you choose the correct size boxes for your belongings. Containers should be selected by size and weight. Label each box according to which room your moving company should arrange them when they arrive at your new destination.


3.   Prepare a To-Go Bag of Essentials


If you’re moving from one home to another, you need to be sure to have your essentials separate for a few days before and after the move. Pack some clothes, medications, and toiletries to get you through the move. Since you’ll most likely be tired from all the work when you get to your new place, you might want to pack a few extra days to get you through.


4.   Donate or Sell Clutter


You’ll most likely have a lot of stuff in your home before you start packing. Go through everything and make a pile of what you no longer need. Check the condition of these items and consider whether you should sell or donate them. It’s not only a great way to limit what you have to move, but it can also make you some extra money in the process.


5.   Organize Items by Category


Supplies like books, clothing, toys, and blankets make up most belongings of the average household. Do your best to keep these items packed together and clearly label each box.


6.   Label Everything Clearly


Once you’ve packed each box, be sure to seal it properly and label it effectively. For plastic totes or non-disposable boxes, consider packing labels. You should not only clearly identify which room they should be moved to, but you should also make a few notes about what is in each box. This will help you save time while unpacking and let you know which boxes to unpack first.


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