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5 Things Every Plumber Should Know How To Do Without Fail

There are plumbing skills that are meant for the most advanced plumbers, but there are also certain skills that any plumber should know if they are certified and have the correct licenses. Most people do not give the basic skills of plumbing a second thought, but they can sometimes make or break the skill level of any plumber. Knowing the main basic skills of plumbing can provide comfort that the plumber you plan on hiring is effective and will do a good job. A good plumber will know each of the skills to their full extent and understand them all.


Here are 5 things that any plumber should know how to do without fail.


  1. How to find and understand your septic system


A large part of modern plumbing is the septic system and it can be detrimental if something happens to it and the plumber does not know what to do with it. Any professional plumber should be able to locate and understand every aspect of the septic system for your home. It is possible, though, that the system could be broken up and missing, so the plumber will not be able to find it, so just make sure the plumber knows what they are doing before they start working on it.


  1. How to use a breaker panel


It may not be the first thing that comes to mind since a plumber works with water and pipes, but a plumber should also be able to know how to work electricity and break panels in some cases where it is needed. It is not important that the plumber knows absolutely everything about it, since that is what an electrician is for, but they should be able to generally work the panel without much issue.


  1. How to use a caulk gun


Caulk is vital in any form of plumbing, since it seals up projects and helps prevent leaks in your home. Every plumber should be a master when it comes to using a caulk gun. If they struggle sometimes with the tool, it can be okay, as long as they definitely know what they are doing. If it seems like they do an iffy job when using a caulk gun, it might be time to look into a new plumber.


  1. How to prevent a frozen spigot


This is something that a plumber should know how to do, but it does require pipe soldering in some cases, so they may need help fully preventing this. Not every plumber needs to know how to solder but they should know who to go to if they need help. If they know how to solder, that is even better, but it is important to remember that it is not a vital skill that every plumber needs to know.


  1. How to properly move around in the attic


Similar to number 2, it is not the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to skills that plumbers should know, but in some cases plumbing does go into the attic and the plumber should know how to move around it without breaking anything.

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